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About Us

The word ‘Bespoke’ historically means an item of clothing made to a buyers precise specification, thus here at Bespoke Tailors you will get the opportunity to customize each aspect of your garment. Bespoke Tailors is a haven for all lovers of quality fabrics, great design and immaculate workmanship. Having worked in the suiting and design industries in the United Kingdom for over twenty five years the high standards and passion for quality gained from the UK market is now being offered to the residents and visitors of Islamabad. Our aspiration is to provide beautifully made clothes that exude quality and style.  

 We pride ourselves on offering high quality mens’ and womens’ suits with fabrics from some of the world’s best mills located in the UK, Italy and Scotland. We stock leading brands such as  Vitale Barberis Canonico (Italy), Dormeuil (UK),Scabel (UK), Holland and Sherry (UK),Dugdale Brothers (UK), Harris Tweed (Scotland).   

 All our senior staff have design backgrounds and therefore what sets us aside from our competition is our attention to detail, constant striving to develop design and a passion that suits made in Pakistan meet international standards in terms of quality, design and construction.  Pakistan is very fortunate to have quality workmanship and our belief has always been that Pakistan can compete with worlds best but only if these skills are nurtured and developed, it is these ideals that lead us to open our Islamabad store.

Furthermore with an ever increasing professional and international female market in Islamabad we have a dedicated  womens’ custom made clothing team lead by our in house lead designer Zubia.  Whether it’s a one off custom made item you wish to order or a full wardrobe you will receive excellent advice as to the best choice of fabric, design and style.

As a business we are passionate about promoting ethical working conditions and believe that investing in your workforce is key to the success of any venture therefore we have invested in modern airy workshops, new machinery, training and apprenticeship programs for those wishing to learn the bespoke tailoring trade or develop their skills. We also pay our tailors rates that we feel are a real reflection of the true worth of their skills some people call us foolish but if we don’t value and promote these skills today they will die out tomorrow.