Bespoke Men Tailors

With help from our expert team you will be guided through the process of finding a fabric that will be fully functional and stylish for the bespoke garment you wish to order. Whether it’s a cashmere wool mix super 150 or a tropical fabric for the warm Pakistani weather you will be expertly guided. We have a huge ranges of fabrics for suits, tuxedo’s, safari suits, shirts, coats, jackets, men’s shalwar / kameez & sherwani.

Bespoke Gallery for Men

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Design and Construction

We will then assist the client in deciding on the design for their suit using images saved on our plasma large screen. All  suits can be further customized  by selecting a different style of lapels, pockets, number of buttons, lining, colour of felt etc. The construction of a suit i.e its foundation is for us as important as the quality outer fabric. Threrefore we have invested in the best type of interlinings, canvas, shoulder pads so that our suits exude long lasting quality not only from the outside but from the inside as well. In all our jackets we use a floating canvas  which not only gives a better finish it allow the garment to mold to the body over time, creating an excellent fit. The canvas is made from wool, cotton and mohair all natural fibres allowing the jacket to ‘breathe’ and not feel synthetic.

Fitting / Measurements

When ordering a fully bespoke suit you will be measured in great detail taking into account all the idiosyncrasies of your posture. You will be measured by a bespoke tailor master who has years of experience. It’s important that the person measuring you is the same person who will be doing the cutting.He will need to see a picture of you in his mind whilst he analyses the measurements and creates a unique pattern for you and therefore  photographs of each client are taken.

The suit is then hand cut to your specific measurements and hand stitched up to the ‘baste’ stage. This stage is what makes a bespoke suit bespoke.

A baste is a half-made suit that is not properly finished and only temporarily held together with white baste stiching. This allows it to be easily taken apart and remade.